AHHHHHHH !!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!!

there is a lot on my heart… but its cool.. its like … my whole life people have been saying the same thing, they say “don’t forget about me when you get famous…  why though … am i really about to be famous …am i really a talented artist that you support HUH !!!!! ..or not?!!! cuz if i am… why don’t my “friends” help push my sound ….why do i have over 1000 followers on twitter but ZEROOOOOO!!! re tweets on my soundtrack THAT JUST DROPPED!!!! HUH!!!!..HUH!!!! its cool …. ima go HARD for this …….. im ALREADY goin hard for this …. i BEEN goin hard for this!!!…. ask me if i care about what a hater thinks … ASK ME!!!!!!  i KNOW im supposed to be here !!!! and YES im bipolar !!!! and NO!!!! i not taking ANY of my medicine… my career is my medicine !!!!! my dreams and goals for this entertainment business are my medicine!!!! MY CITY WIDE COLLEGE TOUR IS MY MEDICINE !!!!!! … real talk… i was HOMELESS ALL LAST MONTH!!!! this Month ….IMA CEO !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I STARTED MY own label !!!! i signed myself !!!!! i put my self on a college TOUR !!!!!! HUH!!!!!!!!!!!! WORK !!!!!!

IM DEAD BROKE!!! invested my WHOLE refund check into small business in the city..i said … if ima broke … ima be a Broke CEO ! …. yea  



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